New Lapidus Donations

The Lapidus collection is continuously growing. In addition to his first 2014 gift of over 400 rare books and documents, Sid Lapidus continues to donate various  printed items as he acquires them.


March 2017

Monroe, James. Message from the President … in relation to the Suppression of the African Slave Trade. March 20, 1824. Washington: 1824

Hutton, Anthony Calvert. British Justice in Africa; … Concerning certain recent Proceedings at the British Forts on the Coast of Guinea:…London: [1815]

Samwell, (David). The Negro Boy. London: 1794

Tocqueville, Alexis de. Rapport fait au nom de la Commission chargee d’examiner … [Paris, Henry. 1840]

Hayne, Isaac W. Argument before the United States Circuit Court, … on the Motion to discharge the Crew of the Echo, … December, 1858. Albany: 1859

Candler, John and Wilson Burgess. Narrative of a recent Visit to Brazil, … issued by The Religious Society of Friends. London: 1853.

Sa de Bandeira, [Bernardo, marquez de]. Notes Officielles de Mr. Le Vicomte de Sa da Bandeira …Lisbon : 1839

United States. Report of the Committee … as relates to the Suppression of the Slave Trade. February 16, 1825. 18th Congress, 2nd Session: 1825

West Indies. A Review of some of the Arguments which are commonly advanced against Parliamentary Interference in behalf of the Negro Slaves, … London: 1823

War of 1812. Treaty of Ghent. Copy of a Letter from the Under Secretary of State … for Slaves and Property captured during the War …2nd May 1825. London: 1825.

Slave Trade. Return to an Address of the Honourable the House of Commons, dated 3 August 1838; …London: 1838

Slave Trade. Correspondence with Foreign Powers, Parties to the Conventions between Great Britain and France, … From February 3rd to May 31st, 1839. London: 1840

Slave Trade. Extracts from the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Reports of the Directors of the African Institution, … Held in London on the 11th Day of May, 1824, …Philadelphia: 1826

Bermuda and the Bahamas. Message from the President … in relation to the Seizure and Detention of the Brigs Enterprise, …[Washington]: 1839

Slave Trade. Message from the President … , with Copies of the Protest of the American Minister at Paris against the Quintuple Treaty,…29th Congress; 1st Session: 1846

South Carolina. Report of the Special Committee … of South Carolina, .. of the Message of His Excellency Gov. Jas. H. Adams, …Columbia, SC: 1857

Slave Trade. Message of the President, Communicating … A Report of the Secretary of State, …31st Congress, 2nd Session: 1850

Coolie Trade. April 16, 1860. Mr. Eliot, from the Committee of Commerce, made the Following Report. 36th Congress, 1st Session: 1860

Slave Trade, Treaties. Convencao entre os muito altos, e muito poderosos senhores o principe regente de Portugal, …[Rio de Janeiro: 1815]

Sessarakoo, William Unasah. The Royal African: Or, Memoirs of the Young Prince of Annamaboe. …[London: 1754]

Slavery. Memorials Presented, by the Deputies of the Council of Trade in France, … in 1701. London: 1737

Slave Trade. Correspondence with Foreign Powers, not Parties to Conventions … from January 1st to December 31st, 1845, inclusive. London: 1846

African Slave Trade. Correspondence with Spain, Portugal, Brazil, … Relative to the Slave Trade. From June 1st to December 31st, 1839, inclusive. London: 1840

Society of Friends. Appel aux habitants de /’Europe sur l’esclavage et la traite des Negres, … Paris: 1839

Anti-Slavery. General Act of the Brussels Conference Relative to the African Slave Trade. London: 1892


October 2016

Report of the Committee of the Society….throughout the British Dominions,…Held on the 25th day of June, 1824…London: 1824

Cochin, (P.S.) A. L’abolition de l’esclavage. Paris: 1861 (2 volumes)

Romilly, Sir Samuel. The Speech of Sir Samuel Romilly, in the House of Commons,… London: 1814

Gregory, G. Essays historical and moral. London: 1785

Bolingbroke, Henry. A voyage to the Demerary, containing a statistical account of the settlements there,…London: 1809

Metternich, Klemens Wenzel Lothar, Prince of. Letter…to Viscount Ponsonby enclosing a warrant to allow the British sloop “Arab”… Vienna: 1847

Act & Laws, passed by the Great and General Court or Assembly…of the Massachusetts-Bay… Boston: 1703

[Portugal. Laws. D. Jose I, King of Portugal 1750-1777.] Alvará para que se nao levem negros dos portos do mar para terras,… Lisbon: 1751

Convenção entre os muito altos, e muito poderosos senhores O Príncipe Regente de Portugal,… Lisbon: 1815

Fonseca, Luis Anselmo da. A Escravidão, O Clero o e Abolicionismo. Bahia: 1887

Hening, William Waller. The New Virginia Justice, Comprising the Office and Authority of a Justice of the Peace,…

Richmond: 1795


May 2016  

Affaire de la Vigilante, bâtiment négrier de Nantes. Folding lithograph plate by Lasteyrie. 8 pp. 8vo. Paris: Imprimerie de Crapelet, 1823.

Acts Passed at the First Session of the Fifteenth Congress of the United States. Not identified, not identified, 1818.

Swainson, John Timothy. Extracts of such Parts of the Journals of Surgeons employed in the Ships trading to Africa… 4 pp. Drop-head title. Folio. London: Custom House, 17th July 1789.

Dallas, R.C. The History of the Maroons. From Their Origin to the Establishment of their Chief Tribe at Sierra Leone: including the Expedition to Cuba… and the state of the Island of Jamaica. London, 1803.

Grainger, James M.D. The Sugar-Cane, a poem in Four Books. London: Dodsley, 1764.

Collins, [John]. The Desponding Negro, a Favorite New Song Written by Mr. Collins. London: Longman & Broderip, 1792.

Carnaby, William. Azid, or the Song of the Captive Negro, from Peter Pindar’s Works… the Air Originally intended for the Song of the Negro Woman, Ulalee in Obi. London: Printed for the Author, circa [1805].

McDonnell, Alexander A letter to Thos Fowell Buxton Esg.. MPin refutation of his allegations respecting the decrease of the slaves in the British West India colonies. London: Effingham Wilson, 1833.


March 2016

Acts of Assembly, passed in the Charibbee Leeward Islands, from 1690 to 1730. London: 1734

Buxton, Thomas Fowell. Debate in the House of Commons…on the measures adopted…for the amelioration of the condition of the Slave population.
London: 1824

Cooper, Thomas. A Letter to Robert Hibbert…concerning the general condition of the slaves in Jamaica…, London: 1824

Laujon, A.P.M. Precis Historique de la…Expedition de Saint-Domingue,… Paris : 1805


February 2016

Goncalves, D’Alamada, Andre. Relacao, e Descripcao de Guine na qual se Trata das Nacoens de Negras… Lisbon: 1733

Campbell, John. ALS to ‘My Lord’ from Queen-Square… January 19, 1762. London: 1762.

Arrêt du Conseil D’Etat du Roi. Paris: 1784

Arrêt du Conseil D’Etat du Roi. Paris: 1785

Clarkson, Thomas. ALS to Re. Henry Foster Burder… December 4, 1808.

Stephen, James. A Defence of the Bill for the Registration of Slaves… London: 1816

[African Institution]. A Review of the Colonial Slave Registration Acts, in a Report of a Committee… London: 1820.

The Anti-Slavery Record Volume II, No. XI. London: 1836

Buxton, Thomas Fowell. The African Slave Trade. London: 1839

Brasahemeco, Ananias Dortano. Rights of Portugal, in reference to Great Britain and the Question of the Slave Trade: London (?): 1840

Sá da Bandeira, Bernardo… de Figueiredo, 1◦ Barão de. The Slave Trade, and Lord Palmerston’s Bill… London: 1840

Balsemao, Eduardo. Os escravos. Duas palabras sobre a memoria publicada pelo Sr. Juiz Carlos Pacheco de Bettencourt. London: 1867


September 2015

Annoregni Gulielmi III. Regis Angliæ, Scotiæ, Franciæ & Hiberniæ, Nono & Decimo. At the Parliament begun at Westminster the Two and twentieth Day of November, Anno Dom. 1695. In the Seventh Year of the Reign of our Sovereign Lord William the Third, by the Grace of God, of England, Scotland, France and Ireland, King, Defender of the Fatih, &c. And from thence Continued by several Prorogations Adjournments to the Third Day of December, 1697. being the Third Session of this present Parliament. London: Charles Ball and the Executrix of Thomas Newcomb, deceas’d, 1698.

Arret du Conseil d’Etat du roi, Concernant le retour des Noirs, Mûlatres ou autres gen de couleur aux Colonies. Du 7 Septembre 1777. Lyon: De l’Imprimerie du Roi, 1778.

Cockin, John. Autograph Letter Signed. London: June 8, 1792.

Dupuet, J. Br. Autograph Letter Unsigned. Bordeaux: August 13, 1817.

Freeholders of the County of Northampton: Nothing can prove the necessity of Reform in Parliament more than this fact—that the People of England have been long crying out with one for the Extinction of West-Indian Slavery, and yet the House of Commons has not answered that voice. If therefore you really desire that All the Iniquity, Injustice, Misery, and Cruelty of Slavery in the West Indies (that foulest blot which ever disgraced a civilized and still more a Christian Country), should be effaced for ever, now raise your voices so that they must be heard, and give your votes to none but those who will pledge themselves to do all in their power to abolish Slavery in all the British Colonies, and all over the World!!! Northampton: Dicey & Smithson, Printers, c. 1820s.

His Majestys of Sweden Ordinance and Edict About Fees for Awards, Decrees and Other Writings, Contracts, and Attestations Relating to the Office of Justice in the Island of St. Bartholomew in the West Indies. Given at the Palace of Stockholm the 2 of May 1797. Stockholm: Tryckt I Kongl; Tryckeriet, 1797.

June 2015 

Banneker, Benjamin. “A Remarkable Dream on the 30th of the 10th Month, 1762.” c. 1770. Brissot, Jacques Pierre. Autograph Letter Signed “to my good friend James Phillips”. 1788.

Copy of an Order of His Majesty in Council, dated the 15th of August 1805; Made for Prohibiting of the Importation of Slaves into any of the Settlements, Islands, Colonies, or Plantations on the Continent of America, or in the West Indies, which have been Surrendered to His Majesty During the Present War. London: 1805.

Correspondence with Foreign Powers, Parties to the Conventions between Great Britain and France, Upon the Slave Trade. From May 11 to December 31, 1840, Inclusive. Presented to Both Houses of Parliament, by Command of Her Majesty. Class C. London: William Clowes, 1841.

Cropper, James. Letters Addressed to William Wilberforce, M.P. Recommending the Encouragement of the Cultivation of Sugar in our Dominions in the East Indies, as the Natural and Certain Means of Effecting the General and Total Abolition of the Slave Trade. Liverpool: James Smith; Longman, Hurst, 1822.

Dalzel, Archibald. New Sailing Directions for the Coast of Africa; Extending from Cape Spartel, in Latitude 34 Deg. 48 Min. North, to the Cape of Good-Hope, in Latitude 34 Deg. 31 Min. South; And of the African Islands Situate in the Atlantic and Ethiopic Oceans. An Original and Curious Work, from the Journals, Manuscripts, Remarks, and Draughts of Archibald Dalzel, Esq. Governor of Cape Coast Castle, Mr. Norris, Mr. Woodville, Captain George Glas, Mr. George Maxwell, and Mr. Ralph Fisher, and Many Other Experienced Navigators Hereafter Quoted and Adapted to the African Pilot. London: Robert Laurie and James Whittle, 1804.

Ferdinando II di Borbone, Re delle due Sicilie [Ferdinand II, King of the Two Sicilies]. Prevenzione e Repressione dé Reati relativi al Traffico Abbominevole, cui si é Dato il Nome di Tratta dé Negri. Naples: Stamperia Reale, 1839.

Hamilton, James. An Account of the Late Intended Insurrection Among a Portion of the Blacks of this City. Published by the Authority of the Corporation of Charleston. Charleston: A.E. Miller, 1822.

Moore, Francis. Travels into the Inland Parts of Africa: Containing a Description of the Several Nations for the Space of Six Hundred Miles up the River Gambia; Their Trade, Habits, Customs, Language, Manners, Religion and Government; The Power of Disposition and Characters of Some Negro Princes; With a Particular Account of Job Ben Solomon. To Which is Added, Capt. Sibbs’ Voyage up the Gambia in the Year 1723, to Make Discoveries; With an Accurate Map of that River Take on the Spot: And Many Other Copper Plates. Also Extracts from the Nubian’s Geography, Leo the African, and Other Authors Ancient and Modern, Concerning the Niger, Nile, or Gambia, and Observations Thereon. London: Edward Cave; J. Stagg, 1738.

Roscoe, William. An Inquiry into the Causes of the Insurrection of the Negroes in the Island of St. Domingo. London: J. Johnson, 1792.

Society of Friends. A View of the Present State of the African Slave Trade, Published by Direction of a Meeting Representing the Religious Society of Friends in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, &C. Philadelphia: William Brown, 1824.

Thomson, Alexander. Remarks on the Causes of the Distress of the West-India Planters, and on the Plans Proposed for their Relief. London: J.H. Hart, 1808.

West, Francis Athow. The Duty of British Christians in Reference to Colonial Slavery: A Discourse Delivered in the New Road, and Brunswick-Place Chapels, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, October 17th, 1830. Newcastle: G. Atkinson, 1830.

West Indies Planters. Antidote to West-Indian Sketches, Drawn from Authentic Sources. No. I. Condition of the Slaves in the British Colonies, from Pinckard’s Notes on the West Indies. London: White and Fenn, Charing Cross, 1816.

March 2015

Correspondence between Great Britain and the United States Relative to the Treaty Lately Concluded at Washington…(London: T.R. Harrison, [1843]).

Treaty between Her Majesty and the United States…for the Suppression of the African Slave Trade… (London: Harrison and Sons, [1862]).

Thomas Clarkson, An Essay on the Comparative Efficiency of Regulation or Abolition, as Applied to the Slave Trade. Shewing that the Latter only can Remove the Evils to be Found in the Commerce (London: James Phillips, 1789).

England, Copy of an Order in Council…for Giving Effect to an Act of Parlament…for the Abolition of Slavery in the Colonies (London: House of Commons, 24 March 1834).

Edward D. Griffin, A Plea for Africa. A Sermon Preached October 26, 1817, in the First Presbyterian Church in the City of New-York…at the Request of the Board of Directors of the African School Established by the Synod (New York: Gould, 1817 [i.e., 1818]).

Edit du Roy, Concernant Les Esclaves Negres des Colonies. Donne a Paris au Mois D.Octobre 1716 ([Paris, 1738]).

Thomas-Marie-Adolphe Jollivet, Discours Prononcé dans la Discussion Relatives a L’Abolition de L’Esclavage (Paris : Imprimerie Panckoucke, 1847).

Bryan Edwards, The History, Civil and Commercial, of the British Colonies in the West Indies (London: John Stockdale, 1794).

Guillaume de Félice, Émancipation Immédiate et Complète des Esclaves (Paris : Delay, 1846).

The Penal Enactments of the Slave Registry Bill Examined, in a Letter to Charles N. Palmer, Esq. M.P. (London: J. M. Richardson & J. Ridgway, 1816).

England. Parliament. Large collection of parliamentary acts and colonial reports on slavery in Britain’s Caribbean colonies, printed by order of the House of Commons, February – May, 1823. Four volumes.